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"Human rights cities"– a Global Movement

Conceptual Discussion and Testimonies from the Human Rights Cities

In South Asia, Asia Pacific, Africa, and Latin America

Developing a new political culture based on human rights

Through learning and dialogue across society about the holistic vision of human rights, instill in communities a sense of ownership of human rights as a way of life. Inhabitants of the city: women, men, youth and children, organizations, groups and the elected authorities, participate in the decision that determine the development of the city guided by the human rights framework. They collaborate to enhance equality, to overcome poverty and discrimination, and work to develop democratic institutions to insure human security, economic and social justice as well as strengthen the infrastructure for the city’s human, social and economic development to achieve:



January 20 from 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm



SOPHY KOSHY – Dir. YUVA Center & PDHRE/YUVA Learning Institute for HR Education

MILLON KOTHARI- UN Rapportuer of the human rights to housing

ORLI LUBIN- Prof. of Comparative Literature, Chief of Women Studies T.A. University. Educator, Political Feminists and Israeli Palestinian peace activists.

KATHLEEN MODROWSKI – PDHRE, popular education consultant. Director Domestic Program and instructor in cultural anthropology and critical pedagogy at the friends world program L.I Univ.

MINAR PIMPLE – Founder and Director YUVA, Youth for Voluntary Action and Executive Director PDHRE

EMMANUEL A.D. TUMANADA – PDHRE, Youth Education , Lawyer, organizer Human Rights cities in the Philippines

And more Educators and Community Activists.………..


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