December 1996 Volume 1 Issue 11

The First Year of CHRE Has Been Monumental!

When what you are doing is the right thing, the things that you do will be right. That is the kind of year we have had at the Center for Human Rights Education in Atlanta. Since our inception in January 1996, we have successfully organized, trained, collaborated, fundraised, developed, created and networked in our organizational growth and Human Rights Education program implementation. Check out some of our greatest highlights in 1996:

  • Programs/Activities – Our programs and activities include a range of training, workshops and presentations, media relations, publications, networking and advocacy.
  • Training – CHRE has conducted 13 Human Rights Education trainings and/or teach-ins in Atlanta, and in other US communities such as Des Moines IA, Camp Sister Spirit in Ovett MS, Esperanza in San Antonio TX, and in international settings like the Habitat II Conference in Istanbul, Turkey. In addition, we have trained 12 Atlantans as Human Rights Educators for CHRE's Speakers' Bureau.
    Some especially important training opportunities this year came through CHRE's co-sponsoring of the first-ever Southern Human Rights Organizing Conference in Oxford, Mississippi (Sept.), and the convening of a Women's Human Rights Teach-In at Spelman College in Atlanta (May).
    Other trainings included the volunteers and staffs of organizations working on issues such as economic justice, welfare rights, homelessness, gay/lesbian /bisexual rights, reproductive rights, civil rights and global human rights.
  • Workshops/Presentations – The staff and volunteers of CHRE have conducted or facilitated 33 human rights education workshops or presentations since January. These events have directly reached approximately 2,000 people in Atlanta and across the United States including 11 colleges and universities, and 27 national and community-based organizations.
  • Public Relations/Media – It has been an important goal of CHRE to ensure that visibility of the organization be great in our inaugural year. To a large degree we have been successful. In addition to doing at least 14 radio, 3 television, 4 magazine and 11 newspaper interviews/appearances, CHRE has been featured on PBS's Rights and Wrongs series and co-sponsored the Peoples' Media Center for the Olympic Games in Atlanta. CHRE's Executive Director Loretta Ross was featured in Emerge Magazine (August), and had a guest editorial in USA Today (September) on ratification of the Women's Human Rights Treaty.
    For organizational publications, we have produced a CHRE brochure, training presentation, monthly newsletter, and recorded training videos for production in 1997.
  • Organizational Development – CHRE has successfully launched an organization that immediately implemented programs as it simultaneously built an institution to provide human rights education and services. Since January, CHRE has developed an international advisory board, raised over $92,000.00 in foundation grants and donations, funded two staff positions of executive director and program director, and successfully collaborated with other groups such as the GA Citizens' Coalition Against Hunger, SisterLove Women's AIDS Project, Project South, Empty the Shelters, and various human rights working groups across the country. —M

CHRE is Looking Forward to More Activities in 1997

CHRE's strategic plan for its second year is to emphasize Economic, Social and Cultural human rights in our education efforts. We will target welfare rights, women's and anti-poverty groups for human rights education, and develop materials and campaigns that will help build a growing consensus to create a new movement for human rights in the U.S.

Program Goals:

  • Develop 4 pilot Unity Coalition Projects for human rights education in celebration of the 1998 50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). The 4 proposed cities are Atlanta, Minneapolis, St. Louis and San Antonio.
  • Sponsor Women's Human Rights Trainings in 5 cities to bring together reproductive rights, violence against women and welfare rights activists in the deep South.
  • Host a strategic planning retreat for leaders of social justice organizations to develop a plan for the integration of human rights education into women's, gay/lesbian/bi, student, environmental, and disability rights movements.
  • Coordinate an African-American Human Rights Leadership Council to prepare a report on U.S. compliance with the Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.
  • Coordinate a national touring art exhibit to celebrate the UDHR 50th Anniversary to visit project cities in 1998.
Organizational Goals
We will: publish a quarterly Human Rights Monitoring Report and user-friendly guides to various human rights treaties; produce a training video and manual for publication in 1998, and post our newsletter and reports on PDHRE's Web Site, —M

SPECIAL NOTICES/ANNOUNCEMENTS - CHRE and Spelman College Women's Resource Center are planning for International Women's Day, March 8, 1997. Your personal and financial contributions are greatly needed.

Please send cash donations to the address below. For other donations, please call. Thank you.

"Bringing Human Rights Home to People in the United States"

The Mission of the Center for Human Rights Education is to "bring human rights home" to the American People.

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