Module Objective:

By the end of the module, participants shall be able to:

  1. get to know one another; and,
  2. level off on personal expectations.

Module Description:

This module has two sessions, namely:

Session 1: Getting To Know You
Activities consists of fun-filled introductions and games for participants to get to know one another and to set the atmosphere of the training.
Session 2: Expectations Check
It consists of a single activity to discuss and process personal expectations of the participants.

Module Activities:

Session 1: Getting-to-Know-You

Activity 1: "Paired Introductions"

Materials Needed: "ball" ( a pair of socks made into a ball)

A. Process

  1. Divide participants into pairs. Each person will talk for a few minutes with her/his partner; then each introduces their partner to the big group.
  2. Ask people to form a circle and have each one throw the "ball" to each other, calling out their name as they do so.
  3. When everyone has called their name thrice, ask them to throw the "ball" to each other naming the person to whom they are throwing it.

B. Processing/Discussion:

1. Ask everyone to say one short phrase summing up their feelings about the activity.

Activity 2: "The Longest Line"

Materials Needed: personal things worn by the participants

A. Process

  1. Divide participants into two groups. Ask each group to make a line using parts of their bodies and personal belongings that they are wearing.
  2. Announce that the group with the longest line wins.

B. Processing/Discussion

  1. Ask how they feel about the activity.
  2. For the winner, ask how they won the game.

Session 2: "Expectations Check"

Activity 1: "Personal Expectations"

Materials Needed: strips of paper (lengthwise of a bond paper)

masking tape

pentel pens

A. Process

  1. Divide participants into groups (with 5 members). Distribute slips of paper to each participant.
  2. Ask each participant to answer the following:
  3. Present the rules in answering the guide questions:
  4. Ask each group to share individual expectations. For every group, summarized expectations will be posted on the board and will be shared by a group member in the plenary.

B. Processing/Discussion

  1. Cluster expectations into 4 columns based on the 4 guide questions. Eliminate answers that appear more than once.
  2. Present the objectives of the training. One by one, process each expectation to identify those which can be met by the training and those which cannot be met.
  3. Discuss with the participants on what actions to take to address those expectations that cannot be met by the training.
  4. Present the proposed training schedule. Together with the participants, discuss and make an agreement on the time to start and end the daily sessions.
  5. Present houserules, if any. Establish host teams for the entire training period.