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Turn your social conscience into social change!

Human rights are not the property of special groups.

They belong to every woman, man and child.

Their implementation and expansion will depend upon the actions of people themselves.


Please join us in creating a global movement for the realization of human rights and the development of a human rights culture world-wide.

By Joining PDHRE:

  1. You will learn how to become a human rights educator
  2. We will assist you in training in your community
  3. We will help with difficult dialogues with groups like the police, local officials, the media, hate groups and the business community to learn what they have in common as human beings.
  4. You will get a Resource Packet and regular newsletter that equips you to do HRE in many fields of economic and social justice concerns; ongoing technical assistance; and a chance to participate in international initiatives.

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For more information, please contact PDHRE:

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