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In October 1992, PDHRE undertook extensive research to identify leaders in the field of human rights education. PDHRE then invited 50 of these leaders to a major consultation at Columbia University, the results of which are presented in an edited volume of 40 articles discussing in depth various aspects of human rights education today. The volume, entitled Human Rights Education for the 21st Century (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1997) was edited by Richard Pierre Claude, and includes a forward by PDHRE Director Shulamith Koenig. The book, initiated by and partially supported by PDHRE, is one of the first comprehensive handbooks for human rights education.


Learning, Reflecting, and Acting Series:

Learning, Reenacting, and Acting: 149 Activities Used in Learning Human Rights, a selection of human rights education activities compiled by PDHRE.

Learning, Reenacting and Acting for a Human Rights Future: A Training Manual for the Education of the Human Right to Housing, a training module on housing as a human right written by members of the Women's Desk at Participatory Research, Organization of Communities, and Education Towards Struggle for Self-Reliance (PROCESS) and PDHRE for the Habit II Conference in Istanbul.

Global Human Rights Education Campaign on Women's Human Rights and Gender Equality Series:

Human Rights Education for Women: An Islamic Perspective (Arabic Original). Written by Zeinab Abbas Badwi of Sudan. Presents women's human rights education in the context of Islamic culture. Available in English and Arabic.

Women's. Rights Human Rights: A Training Manual. Written by Hlornelikusasay Community Law Centre, South Africa. Focuses on community training for women's grassroots communities in the rural Kwazulu Natal province in South Africa. Available in English and Spanish.

Women's. Human Rights Education: A Training Manual. Written by Lili-Pilipina: Task Force on Filipino Comfort Women. Presents CEDAW in the context of Filipino society and is based on the grassroots experience of peasant women, women workers, and urban poor women.

Women's Human Rights: A Manual for Men and Women. Written by Hector Bonaparte, Susana Chiarotti, and Hilda Habichayn of the Instituto do Genero, Derecho y Desarollo, Argentina. Innovatively focuses on human rights education on women's human rights for groups of both men and women together, dealing with human rights standards and social change. Available in English and Spanish.

Women's. Human Rights in Daily Living Together: A Manual for Women's. Human Right. Education (Spanish Original). Written by Veronica Matus of Programa de Mujeres-Comision Chilena de Derechos Humanos with the assistance of Gloria Bertran. Provides a framework and exercises for the recognition of women's human rights in the experimental realm of daily life, focusing on rescuing emotional and gender cultural patterning. Available in English and Spanish.

Towards. Methodology for the Popularization or Women'. Human Rights (Spanish Original: Hacia Una Metologia Para La Popularizacion de Los Derechos de Las Mujer). Written by Maria Suarez Toro of Feminist International Radio Endeavor (FIRE) and Roxana Arroyo Vargas (CODEHUCA). Aims at "massifying" or popularizing women's human rights. Available in English and Spanish.

Empowering Women at the Grassroots: A Manual for Human Rights Education. Prepared b. v Meghna Guhatharkurta and Khadija Lina of Nagorik Uddvog, Bangladesh. Focuses on human rights education for semiliterate/illiterate groups of women.

Human Rights for Health Professionals in Cambodia: Teaching Curriculum. Edited by Allen S. KeUer, M.D. and Sin Kim Homer, American Refugee Committee. Human Rights education methodologies field tested by Cambodian health professionals.

Our Human Rights: A Manual for Women's Human Rights. Written by Julie Mertus with Mallika Dutt and Nancy Flowers. Provides a wide range of women's human rights training exercises from around the world. Available in English. Spanish, and Russian.

Human Rights Education Training Video Series:

Educacion Para Los Derechos Humanos. de Las Mujeres Bolivianas (Women's Human Rights Education- Bolivia). Women's human rights education in Bolivia by Oficina Juridica Para La Mujer. Available in Spanish.

English and Spanish transcriptions available.

United Nations Centre for Human Rights: Implementing, Monitoring and Promoting Human Rights. Presentation by Elsa Stamatopoulou-Robbins, Chief, New York Section, UN Centre for Human Rights. Discussion on demystifying Treaty Bodies and the Commission on Human Rights.

UN Expert Committees and Treaty Bodies. Presentation by Dorota Glerycz, UN Division for the Advancement of Women. Discussions on implementing CEDAW, the political use of international standards and activism.

Human Rights Education Organizing. Presentation by Clarence Dias, Executive Director, International Center for Law in Development. Discussion on the efficacy of human rights education in grassroots organizing, the participatory process, and demanding community and political accountability.

Women's Rights as Human Rights. Presentation by Charlotte Bunch, Director, Center for Women's Global Leadership. Discussion on women's rights as human rights and the Vienna Conference on Human Rights, the importance of political organizing, and the use of legal instruments in human rights education.

The Decade of Human Rights Education. Presentation by Shulamith Koenig, Executive Director, Organizing Committee of the People's Decade for Human Rights Education. Discussion on organizing strategies of human rights education and the United Nations Decade of Human Rights Education in weaving a human rights culture.

Human Rights Education: The Promise or the 21st Century. Human rights education principles and discussions by members of the Global Human Rights Education Campaign on Women's Human Rights and Gender Equality on a range of issues

Women's Human Rights Education - Tanzania 1995 Human rights education in Tanzania, by the Tanzania Women's Media Association (TAMWA) Women's human rights education issues in Tanzania. Available in dual English/Swahili. English and Spanish transcriptions available.

Human Rights and International Legal Standards. Presentation by Stephen Marks, International Human Rights Lawyer and Scholar, Columbia University. Discussion on human rights education training and judges, applying international human rights legal standards to domestic law.

Women Speak with a Big Voice. Highlight video of the People's Decade of Human Rights Education and the Global Human Rights Education Campaign on Women's Human Rights and Gender Equality. Discussion on learning to live in dignity and women moving from being objects to subjects in human rights.

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