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In memory of Sergio Vieira de Mello

The Permanent Mission of Mali to the United Nations 
In cooperation with
PDHRE - People’s Movement for Human Rights Education*
The United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

Invite you to participate in an interactive dialogue on



Ambassador Cheick Sidi Diarra,
Permanent Representative of Mali to the United Nations

Shulamith Koenig, Executive Director, PDHRE

Ambassador Walther Lichem, Director, International Organisations, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Austria

Craig Mokhiber, Deputy Director NY Office, OHCHR,

Tuesday, 28 October,2003
10 am - 1 pm United Nations, Room 5

The event aims at elaborating the central contribution societal development through human rights education and learning can make with regard to the key challenges of our time - peace and security and the multiple dimensions of sustainable development. Without societal cohesion and solidarity based on the respect for human dignity none of the Millennium Development Goals will be sustainably achieved. The cries of our time are cries of our societies. We need to move the societal development agenda from its normative level to the level of development. Human rights education and learning, rooted in the cultural, societal and historical particularities of each society, provide the very operational basis for defining, defending and developing human dignity as the basic capital on which all processes of change are to be founded.

To learn more about PDHRE's approach to human rights education and learning read: Human Rights Education for Social Transformation.

Knowledge about human rights should not remain the domain of a few! Human right education and learning are imperative for women and men to participate effectively in the decisions that determine their lives

The Government of Mali, whose Minister for Foreign Affairs, H.E Lassana Traore currently chairs the interregional Human Security Network of Foreign Ministers, is presenting this dialogue event with a view to developing a new and forward looking discourse related to the end of the UN Decade for Human Rights Education in December 2004

*PDHRE is the NGO that has initiated the UN Decade for Human Rights Education


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