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An exciting, vivid introduction describing the Human Rights Cities initiative and the imperative for Human Rights Learning at the community level.
join us to facilitate the development of 100 human rights cities worldwide
Learning human rights as a way of life at the community level moves charity to dignity in equality and trust.

We Are The Human Rights Generation Human Rights Is A Way Of Life! We Will Know Them And Claim Them For All Women Men Youth A Child From Those Who Speak Human Rights And Deny Them To Their Own People . Human Rights Are Inalienable Protected By Law No One Can Take Them Away From Us They Are Our Birthright To Learn , Know Own And Act Upon. Creating A New Future For Humanity We Are Here To Serve ! Join To Develop Human Rights Cities HUMAN RIGHTS IS A WAY OF LIFE! There Is No Other Option !!! Bring The Future Home!

Learn About The Holistic Vision of Human Rights:

Every woman, man, youth and child has the human right to a life in dignity. The human rights framework is a practical, effective tool to belong in community with dignity for all. Explore the 24 issues below, to learn human rights related to social and economic justice and injustice, breaking through the vicious cycle of humiliation. Discover how learning about human rights can put power in your hands to achieve social change. Learn what obligations and commitments your government has made to ensuring the realization of human rights for all, and hold your government accountable. Know your human rights, and claim them – become a mentor and a monitor!

PDHRE, People’s Movement for Human Rights Learning, formerly The People’s Decade for Human Rights Education,  is an independent, international, non-profit organization promoting, enhancing and providing learning about human rights as relevant to people’s daily lives at all levels of society, that leads to action. PDHRE was established in 1988 in an effort to respond to the unmet need for Human Rights Learning at the grassroots level that needed this knowledge and strategy the most as a powerful tool for action. Since then, PDHRE has conducted and/or facilitated Human Rights Learning and training at the community level in more than 60 countries, and produced a unique range of written and audio-visual pedagogical materials to support learning and dialogue for socio-economic transformation. PDHRE was instrumental in the creation of the United Nations Decade for Human Rights Education (1995 – 2004) and is committed to create a process by which all will know human rights towards social and economic transformation.  PDHRE is convinced that imposed ignorance is a human rights violation and the learning about human rights as a way of life is an imperative for meaningful human, social and economic development. There is none other…– to break thought the vicious cycle of humiliation. 

            PDHRE and its affiliates in Latin America, Africa, Eastern and Western Europe, North America, and Asia, work as human rights ‘extension services’ in culturally diverse communities to stimulate develops and facilitates a wide variety of grassroots programs and projects, where people learn about human rights as a way of life and claim them. Its trainers introduce human rights in a comprehensive and integrated way to local concerns and expectations with a special focus on economic, social and cultural rights, gender equality and non discrimination. Over the years PDHRE has built up a network of human rights educators and activists worldwide, an award-winning web site and learning materials for a variety of target groups. In its community work, PDHRE reaches out to local community leaders, introducing them to the holistic human rights framework as related to their specific concerns, and strives towards a systemic analysis critical thinking to assure economic and social justice. To achieve this vision, and mission PDHRE is facilitating the development of Human Rights Cities around the world where communities learn to use the holistic framework of human rights to re imagine and reconstruct the lives of all women, men, youth and children—joining in societal development—belonging in community in dignity with others.

            To expand this work, and to argue its imperative, PDHRE has been actively promoting a dialogue about the holistic vision of human rights at the UN, as deputy of the NGO Committee on Human Rights. Within these activities, it has promoted with the government of Benin, and cosponsored by more than 100 countries, adopted without a vote, the UN GA Resolution A/RES/63/173, The International Year of Human Rights Learning. This is an important achievement for the long and rich experience that PDHRE can offer to the world. It is now promoting a five-regional plan to implement the resolution, starting with 25 countries. This will lead to the beginning of a process of learning and dialogue at the community level, that will have in 10 to 15 years all women, men, youth and children know human rights as a way of life, as relevant to their daily lives guided by the holistic human rights framework.

PDHRE is recognized all over the world in its commitment to have human rights a way of life, defining human rights in a new, positive and proactive way, towards the full realization of human rights for all. For this work the organization’s founder, Shulamith Koenig, received the 2003 UN Human Rights Award. This award was given to Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela among 35 others that have received it during the last 35 years.

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