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Nagpur, a Human Rights Sensitive City

In December 1999, the city of Nagpur (population: 2,800,000), India was inaugurated as a Human Rights Sensitive City by PDHRE’s local partner, YUVA, in association with other local NGOs, CBOs, municipal officials, the office of the Mayor, lawyers groups, representatives from academia, business and various other professions and stake holders. The inauguration, which was heralded throughout the city with posters at major road intersections, was followed by several in-depth training and dialogues with environmentalists, educators, economists, women’s organizations and local youth groups. Each session concentrated on the practical challenges of making Nagpur a human rights sensitive city. The three-day event concluded with a Rally led by some of the poorest slum communities in the city, and a city-wide one day meeting of women organizations who came together to reaffirm the commitment made and to join in defining the needs for the realization of human rights. A citizen’s committee has now been formed to follow similar processes and methodologies being undertaken in Rosario.

Funding for this first stage of the process was allocated to YUVA from funding PDHRE has received from the Norwegian Government but future funding is now being sought. A full report of activities in Nagpur in 1999 is also available.

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