Upendra Baxi: Biographical Note

Upendra Baxi: photo

Professor Upendra Baxi, till recently the Vice Chancellor of India's premier university, the Delhi University, is currently sojourning at the Washington College of Law, the American University.

Professor Baxi obtained Master of Laws degree at Universities of Bombay and California at Berkeley; he was also awarded a J.S.D. degree (Ph.D. in law) by Berkeley. He has taught at Delhi, Duke, Sydney and Surat. His special area of interest is the comparative sociology of human rights and law, science and technology.

Professor Baxi's publications include The Indian Supreme Court and Politics (1980); The Crisis of the Indian Legal System (1982); Towards a Sociology of Indian Law (1985); Liberty and Corruption (1990); Marx, Law and Justice: Some Indian Perspectives (1993); and two recent volumes on human rights Inhuman Wrongs and Human Rights: Some Unconventional Essays (1994), Mambrino's Helmet? Human Rights for a Changing World (1994). He has also edited (with Oliver Mendelssohn) The Rights of the Subordinated Peoples (1994) and a trilogy of works on the Bhopal catastrophe. He has contributed a large number of articles in learned journals.

Professor Baxi has contributed substantially to social action (public interest) litigation in the Indian Supreme Court and thereby enhanced democratization of access to judicial process and power by the disadvantaged groups in Indian society. He has also been among the forerunners of legal action and law reform in the area of violence against women, especially custodial violence. He is currently working on approaches to human rights education.

Professor Baxi was the Hon. Research Director of the Indian Law Institute; President of the Grotian Society of International Law, Sydney; founder member of the International Commission on Folk Law and Legal Pluralism. He is currently the President of the Indian Society of International Law.